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Drop multiplier (the drop coefficient in all puzzles is multiplied by it)x1x2x3
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2021-03-26 09:01


Premium account, can be obtained for Bonus Coins, awarded for adding some puzzles: It is also available as a prize in some achievements, various contests, promotions, holiday tournaments, etc.


You can get a VIP account for Donate Coin by activating one of the recipes:

You can receive Donate Coin for significant assistance in the development of the site, for example creating video materials for our youtube-channel, etc.

In addition, you can get 5 Donate Coin by making a donation of no less than RUR 5,000 rubles and above on the page:

If you have premium active, you can convert it to VIP on this page (for a period equal to 10% of the remaining time of its validity).

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